Monday 30 April 2012

Korina Legaki & Outward Bound at Pirinas in Athens

Read in Swedish: Halvsvenska Korina Legaki & Outward Bound på Pirinas i Aten

A Swedish friend of mine living at Crete has a daughter who is a very good singer. Karin Legaki, Korïna Legaki (Κορίνα Λεγάκη) in Greek, is her name.
The Legakis family from the island of Naxos are wellknown for their many good musicians. The father of Korina, Giorgos, is a very good bouzouki player as well.

The video below is from a performance of Korina with the Outward Bound and Giorgos Papagioannou (Γιώργος Παπαιωαννου) in November 2011 at Mousiki Skini Pixida (Μουσική Σκηνή Πυξίδα = Music Stage Pixida) in Iraklion at Crete.

Karin is singing an old Swedish song as well; "Vem kan segla förutan vind?" ("Who can sail without wind?").

The 10th and 17th of May Korina and Outward Bound will perform at the music place Pirinas (Πυρήνας = Core) behind Hilton in the centre of Athens.

I really hope I'll manage to be there! Don't miss this if you're nearby!

The song "Χορός με τη βροχή" - "Dance with the rain" from her album with the same name:

Lyrics by Kostas Bournazakis and music by Armós.

Interview with Korina by Marios Gouvas/Ioanna Gougou at Music Corner: Κορίνα Λεγάκη...Μια εξαιρετική φωνή που ακούσαμε στον Ιανό! (written in Greek).
Korina Legaki at My Space

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