Tuesday 27 March 2012

Greek Independence Day Parade in Glyfada, Athens March 25th

Read this post in Swedish: Greklands nationaldagsparad den 25 mars i Glyfada

The parade here in Glyfada starts between 11.30 and 12.00 (every year the 25th of March, the National Day of Greece) and lasts about two hours. Lots of schools, clubs and organizations are participating.

Awaiting the parade to begin...

First up was this war veteran who is now the only one left in this parade. A couple of years ago they were four...

Balloons, Greek flags and more were for sale of course...

The weather was wonderful, almost too warm...but I guess one shouldn't say such things after this cold winter!
I always have to take a picture of the Cretan Association here in Glyfada! I love their clothes!

Here it was quiet and peaceful. In the center of Athens(Syntagma) they were so afraid of troubles and riots so it was closed off everywhere and 4000 (!!!) policemen were placed out. Parents were not allowed to see their children walk in the parade! I think it should have been better if they had called it off. It's sad, but if so many precautions had to be done, there must also have been a risk to let children take part.
These donuts and bread bagels tasted very good I can tell you...

Lots of adorable children in beautiful traditional folklore costumes!

A dog was walking in the parade as well!

A day which 1821 was the beginning of the independence for Greece after more than 400 years under the Turks and the Ottoman Empire.

"Καλύτερα μιας ώρας ελεύθερη ζωή παρά σαράντα χρόνια σκλαβιά και φυλακή" (Better one hour in freedom than 40 years of slavery and jail) - celebrated words by Rigas Feraios (Ρήγας Φεραίος), one of the freedom fighters.

Here in a song performed by the Cretan (Anoghia) musician Nikos Xilouris.

Read more about the Greek Revolution at Wikipedia: Greek War of Independence


Anonymous said...

Damn nice blog. Keep up the good work. Blake More

eva i Aten said...

Thanks a lot, Blake, and welcome back!

Irina said...

Nice appreciation you got,Eva :D. Nice also what you show us here. Don't forget to visit me on my photoblog sometimes,now that I also have that.I visit you on yours, but I think you are more often on this one.Have a nice evening!

Minnie said...

Hi Eva, this is awesome.. I love parade. I guess everybody having fun.

The song is great as well anyway I just wondering did you speak Greek?

eva i Aten said...

Irina: I didn't know that you have a photo blog before! I will add it to my bloglists! Good luck with your photo blog as well!

Minnie: Love your profile picture!
I do speak Greek, yes, even if it's far away from perfect. It's a quite difficult language actually...have you heard the expression "It's like Greek to me!" when something is difficult?!
☺ Have a nice day!