Thursday 15 March 2012

Dimitris Chondrokoukis took Gold in High Jump!

Read in Swedish: Dimitris Chondrokoukis VM-Guld i höjdhopp!

The Greek athlete Dimitris Chondrokoukis (Δημήτρης Χονδροκούκης) came home from Athletics World Championships (March 9-11th) in Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey the other day. In his luggage he had the Gold medal in High jump, after jumping 2,33 m. Another Greek, Konstantinos Baniotis, was sharing the 4th place after jumping 2,31. Well done, guys!

Next: the Olympic games in London this summer!

IAAF profile for Dimitris Chondrokoukis
Results IAAF Istanbul 2012
Program, Olympic games, London 2012

Dimitris Chondrokoukis at facebook

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