Saturday 11 February 2012

Yiannis Parios and accordion in the streets!

Today an older man was walking in the streets playing accordion and singing with a really nice and strong voice. In the past you could see this more often, nowadays maybe you can see it once a year at the most. Pity, because i love it!

They walk up and down the streets and coins are being thrown to them from the balconies. Maybe it will be more common again, these days? I wouldn't mind at all!

This street musician was playing and singing an old Greek traditional song which noone really knows who wrote it; S'agapao yiati eiasi oraia" ("I love you because you are nice"). Many famous Greek singers have recorded this song. I like the version of Yiannis Parios the most, here in a slide show with nice pictures from Greece:

Yiannis Parios is a very loved and popular singer in Greece. He sings "Laikó" music which you can say is popular music among the people. Above all, he is famous for his beautiful love songs!

Yiannis' real last name is Varthakouris, but he took Parios as stage name as he is born on the island of Paros (1946).

Parios has been recording at least one album each year since 1971!  Now he will perform at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall a few days; 14th (not a coincidence that this date has been chosen like the start date!), 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th and the 21st of February. The prices of the tickets vary from 9 € (for unemployed, students and more) til 65 € for the best places at the "Grand Tier".

One of my favourites with Yiannis Parios is "Kalimera ti kaneis" with music and lyrics written by Stamatis Spanoudakis. "Good morning, how are you, hope you'll always be well, when you are close to me and when you are far away. Good morning, how are you, I love you so much..." Listen here at You Tube: Καλημέρα Τι Κάνεις / Γιάννης Πάριος

Yiannis Parios webpage (with biography in English).
The lyrics of "S'agapao yiati eiasi oraia", in Greek.

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