Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas time at Syntagma square

Läs på svenska: Juletider på Syntagmatorget

Pictures from last night when we were strolling in the city of Athens. Lots of people out everywhere! Santa Claus were at Syntagma talking with children and there were also magicians, clowns and more. The Parliament to the right in the picture.

We had a tasty meal with kebab in Monasteraki. Took warm french fries with us and gave to a homeless person. He got so happy that I felt ashamed...We are so spoiled!

This 6-year old boy talking with Santa was really entertaining! "You seem to have understood the meaning of life" said Santa, and the little boy said yes, he had. He was singing a song when Santa tried to make him stop. That wasn't popular so he got the microphone back and sang the song to the end. It was a great little guy!:

Have a nice day!


A BRIT GREEK said...

Looks like you've had a lovely weekend filled with festivities! That's such a lovely thing to do for someone... We are so blessed to have food on our table... I'm terrible, I hate wasting anything knowing that someone else could use some food!

eva i Aten said...

Yes a Brit Greek, we really had a good time.
The life is really so unfair!

Irina said...

Merry Christmas in lovely Athens!

eva i Aten said...

Thanks a lot, Irina! We had a lovely Christmas in Athens and now New Year in Sweden. Hope you're having great holidays as well!