Monday 21 November 2011

What's wrong with this cats' eyes?

I've seen this adorable cat a couple of times now at my dogwalks, but what do you think has happened to it?

The cat doesn't seem to be blind, at least it seems like it is looking at us. On the other hand it doesn't show any fear at all for the dog, so maybe it's blind after all.

I'm thinking to try to take it to the vet, but will it let me? We have a transportbox for cats, as we used to have a cat, but I can not imagine the cat will let me put it in there...

What do you think? What is this white coating on the eyes?


A BRIT GREEK said...

Awww, poor kitty! It's really quite upsetting seeing a kitty in poor shape. Hmm, not sure, perhaps it could use a once over from the Vet... It does look rather happy and self sufficient though.

Thanks for your comment - yes I was having a play with my camera to see what awesome things it could do... I saw that part of the path, fog and trees and just thought it would make a great shot.
You're welcome to use it, i think it's at full size online.


The Expat Wife said...

There is a condition where the dominant white gene (epistatic) masks any other colour gene and causes the cats eyes to be completely white. Perhaps it is that if the cat appears to see okay and doesn't have discharge from it's eye?

eva i Aten said...

Hello A Brit Greek! Most people seem to think (Comments in my Swedish part of the blog)the cat is blind, and that it just seems like it can see because it has developed is hearing. Anyway I will ask the people who are feeding the little cat when I see them. Maybe it even has a home and just happened to be out when I passed.

Your fog picture is absolutely great, so thanks!

eva i Aten said...

Hello Expat Wife! Thankyou for your clever comment, maybe that's the reason. At least it seems rather happy, so I guess I don't need to worry. I also see that someone is putting food there on the pavement where I've seen it, together with other cats as well.