Saturday 19 November 2011

Painted an old childrens highchair

This old highchair has been used frequently once upon a time, for all our four kids. It has also been used at our restaurant in Crete(closed, and gone now...)and at an aptmshotel we were managing. So I must say it is really strong!

We might as well have it at our new cafeteria here in Glyfada then, I thought, and decided to paint it. At  Cheers café we have the colours grey, limegreen and brown - wanted the highchair to match.

Felt like the most fun childrens colour of the three, limegreen, was a little bit to much for the place and I didn't want to paint it in grey. So I went for chocolate brown with some small sketches in silver colour.

Very clever highchair I must say with its three functions!

Have a wonderful evening!

Some other things I've painted:
An old woodstove: En gammal vedkamin
Painted chair a dash of colour to the garage: Målad stol färgklick i garaget
A cookie tin and an old plate that becomes a cookie serving platter!: Målat kakfat och kakburk
Old frayed plastic jars becomes like new: Gamla nötta plastburkar blev som nya


A BRIT GREEK said...

Hey Eva,

You comment made me chuckle, but only because I feel like the Versace collection just isn't very me too and maybe that just comes with getting older! Yup and because it is Versace it'll sell...

Now, this highchair number, WOW. I so would have wanted one of these multi-use chairs as a Kid!!! Plus you have four and still don't look at day over 34 in your profile shot?! Yowsers!


eva i Aten said...

Thankyou so much, A Brit Greek! You always write such great comments, somehow full of energy...! Of course I especially like the last part of this one! :) You made my day!