Wednesday 5 October 2011

Susan G. Komen For The Cure in Athens, Greece 2011

On Sunday we were participating in the race against breast cancer in the center of Athens. It was the third year the race was arranged here. Last year it was 7.500 participants, this year it was 11.000!

The organization "Susan G. Komen For The Cure" was founded 1982 in memory of Susan who died in breast cancer when she was 36 years old.

The meeting point was outside the beautiful building Zappeion  by the National Garden of Athens, close to the Syntagma square. There were dance performances and music before the start. Yogurt and water bottles were handed out.

The streets around the National garden where the race took place were closed for the normal traffic of course.
It was a great feeling to be able to run and walk in the middle of the road with no cars in sight!

The first race of all was held in Dallas (Texas, USA) 1983 with 800 participants. Since then it has become more and more participants as well as countries arranging the race, to raise money for cancer research.

Check out the planned races at the moment here; International Race Dates. You can choose to run 4 km or to walk 2 km.

The beautiful street Iródou Attikoú.

Cheer sections wasn't missing either!

About 1,3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The risk is greater for middle-aged and older women. BUT, men can get it as well. About 1 % of the cases are men. The chance to survive is high if the disease is found early.

National Institutes of Health

άλμα ζωής - Greek national organisation for women with breast cancer.


silving said...

beautiful and warm Athens :)

Irina said...

I used my google account this time, and appeared with another name, but it's me,Irina, though. I guess I will use the old way again.
have a beautiful sunday!

eva i Aten said...

Thanks silving Irina! Actually today it has been raining a lot and it starts to get cold...