Tuesday 11 October 2011

Parkour and Free Running at Santorini

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This saturday it was a competition in parkour and free running at Santorini. 15 top practitioners from all over the world took part. The Greek volcanic island Santorini is probably the best "natural" place for this impressing sport, with the white houses built on the caldera and the completely stunning view.

The athletes got a track of about 250 m to make in 90 sec, as impressive as possible.
Red Bull are arranging the competitions, "Red Bull Art of Motion".

Awesome, isn't it? (All pictures from Red Bull.)

This time the competition was won by Pavels Petkuns from Latvia, 2nd Yoann Leroux, France and 3rd place Gaetan Bouillet, Belgium. Congratulations!
A Greek took part as well; the 19 year old Zaza Markoulia, and like a gentleman he took the last place...(Never mind - better luck next time!).

It seems kind of easy when you see these well-trained athletes...

bits and bytes (Greek)
Complete result list
Interview with Zaza Markoulia

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