Saturday 17 September 2011

Optical fibers, school without books and more

Know what, we'll get better Internet connection here in Glyfada!

Completely unexpected at these times, even if it has been planned for many years. They are digging the roads now to put optical fibers. This is what is mostly used for broadband. If this gets ready and is working it will be a great change here in Glyfada. We have so bad connection here, everything takes so long time - it makes you crazy!

The schools have, more or less, started. Different kinds of problems this year. There are no books available for the elementary and comprehensive school. For some reason the books have not been ordered from the printing offices in time, so the pupils will be without books for a couple of months.

Many universities and high schools are kept closed of the students in protest against new regulations.

A lot of things will be changed: the asylum will be taken away(I don't know if this exist in any other country, but this is something which the students here are very emotionally touched to. Asylum at the Greek universities have existed for a long time. I think the law is from the 1800s, but with roots from Ancient Greece. My opinion is that it's more risk that the law is used in the wrong way in a democratic country like Greece, and when the military junta had taken over the country in the 70s they ignored the asylum anyway.), the free books are taken away (yes, the books at the state-universities has been for free until now - this will of course be an extra burden for many families, but at the same time the possibility of student loans is introduced.), voting rules for the students are affected and much more.

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