Tuesday 23 August 2011

Too hot to trot...

It's so hot here in the big city...you get kind of paralyzed. And I have so many things to do!
When you go out the heat really hits you and it's exactly like when it's blowing hot Sahara winds on Crete...had to check with my daughters the first days if it was blowing Africa winds on Crete, but no, so then it couldn't be that here either...

It's the first summer we spend here in Athens. Actually I didn't really want to go to Crete at all this year! BUT...now I regret that we didn't stay there...Next summer for sure it will be more time at beautiful, cool (if you compare with Athens anyway) Crete!

Marisa, our German sheppard, is in heat. I'm thinking to mate her this time. it will be the first time. I'm not sure, maybe she is too old?! She is 5 years now. What do you think? I'm not afraid for the work with the puppies - at that time it will be cooler!!!

No, I guess I will continue with sorting out our loads of paper photos from the years 1999-2010...

Have a nice evening!

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