Sunday 7 August 2011

Onirama and Nino at "Ultimatum Music Festival"

We went to a beachparty with live music the other day. It was "Ultimatum Music Festival" at Arina/Paradise Beach in Kokkini Hani (close to Iraklion here on Crete) and the group Onirama and the singer Nino were performing. It was great fun to be there!

Onirama. They got 2 awards at the "MAD Music Awards 2011".

In the beginning guards didn't let the audience come close to the stage, so here Thodoris, the singer of Onirama, is sitting at the edge of the stage.

It wasn't so much people as you could expect from an event like this, but I guess the crise played a certain role...The tickets was 20 euro/person with two drinks included. Probably with 15 euro and one drink it would have been a lot more people. Anyway, for us it was great!

As I'm Swedish myself I have to mention that Nino is half Swedish and he was born in Stockholm (1981).
He became famous through the program "Fame Story" 2003, but he was working as a singer before that as well.

See the official video of this new (2011)song at You Tube: "OK - Oliki Katasrofi" ("Total destruction").

Nino, or Stéfanos Xipolitás which is his real name.

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