Sunday 10 July 2011

Special Olympics 2011 in Athens, Greece

Read this in Swedish: Special Olympics i Aten 2011

This video with the singers Alkistis Protopsalti and Vittorio Grigolo is from the opening ceremony:

Do you know that we have had Special Olympics here in Athens this summer? From the 25th of June until the 4th of July many competitions have been held in 22 different sports for athletes with intellectual disabilities. This is a great event every second year (summer/winter) since 1968 with about 7.500 participants from 185 countries.

Unfortunately I wasn't there myself. I usually prefer to watch big events at TV, but this time I have regretted not being there. Everybody who has been there are like blessed! Love and happiness! You get touched to see these people struggle and how happy they are to take part. We have a lot to learn there! Like they said in TV here; "We need them more than they need us!"

Both the opening and the closing ceremony were very beautiful and well done, with many famous artists participating. (These games has been planned for a long time, long before the Greek crise became official...)

Natassa Bofiliou was singing at both the opening and closing ceremony.

Websight for the Special Olympics 2011, with results and more.

The Special Olympics Wintergames 2013 will be held in South Korea.
Special Olympics 2013 at Facebook

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