Friday 1 July 2011

Corfu - Κέρκυρα

I want to go here! This beautiful island in the Ionian sea, west of Greece, seems to have everything! Natural beauty, many attractions (like an old fortress, old buildings and more), wonderful beaches, shopping and nightlife.

The island Corfu belongs to the "Ionian Islands" which are also called
"Επτάνησα" - the seven islands (guess why!). Corfu has 110.000 inhabitants and a size of 614 km2.

The old part of the town Corfu was designated for the UNESCO World Heritage Site List 2007.

There is a village in the state New York which has gotten the name Corfu after the island! Probably it was an emigrated Greek from the island who settled down there.

Have you visited Corfu? What is your opinion about the island?

John's Corfu World (written by a Greek, Giannis, in English)


Barty, The Parianos AKA Ruby said...

Corfu is a beautiful island. We stay in the north when we were there several years ago and then toured around a little and found some really delightful villages. We were advised to avoid Cavos in the south which is the party resort which maybe okay if you are 18- 30 (which definitely doesn't include us). The island is much greener than the Cyclades where we now live and has a lot of trees, the Achilleon Palace there is lovely and the town of Kerkira is well worth visiting too.

eva i Aten said...

Thanks a lot for this interesting information, Ruby!