Sunday 5 June 2011

The suburb Ymittós

I was taking a walk the other day, by mistake, in the municipality of Ymittós! It's a small suburb of Athens which is situated above Dáfni, in between Ilioúpoli and Víronas, under the mountain Ymittós.

I was going to take the underground from Dáfni, but couldn't find anywhere to put the car. It's really sad that they are building such a nice underground-system without any planning for parkingplaces! People are driving around and around hoping to find a parking for their car. I'm kind of driving away from the station because I like to walk, but still it becomes a lot of unnecessary CO-emissions.

Anyway it's always fun to see new places, and I'm happy I had the camera with me. There are small motives all around us!

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