Tuesday 7 June 2011

Aris in "Greek Idol" 2011

On saturday it was time for "Greek Idol" again at TV and this time the 21 years old Aris Plaskasovitis from Corfu was sent home.

Very talented guy really and the first you think is that these programs are not fair at all. Already from the first Live-show Aris was very comfortable on stage. Here he is singing "Το καλύτερο ψέμα" (The best lie) of Michalis Hatzigiannis:

This time I think it was a deal though! Well, that he had gotten an offer already about  recording an album and because of that the channel prefer to keep the other kids. I think that you can understand that from the critics of the jury and from the "exciting" moment in the end...what do you think?

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